A Complete List of Works of Apostolos Makrakis

In English Translation
1) A New Original Philosophical System, [3 Vols, Divided into 6 Books], viz., Introduction to Philosophy; Psychology; Logic; Ethics; Theology; and Philosophy. Athens, 1876, 1883, and 1886. 2,075 pp.
Transl: Vol. I, An Invitation to Philosophy, Psychology and Logic; Vol. II, Ethics; Vol. III, Theology and Philosophy. 1940.
1a) Re-printed as:
A New Philosophy and the Philosophical Sciences: A New Original Philosophical System [2 Vols]. New York, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1940.
1b) Five of the Six Books above (excepting the book on Ethics), were re-issued as:
The Logos and the Holy Spirit in the Unity of Christian Thought: According to the Teachings of the Orthodox Church. 5 Vols. Chicago : Orthodox Christian Educational Society, c.1977.
Vol 1. The Orthodox Approach to Philosophy.
Vol 2. Psychology: An Orthodox Christian Perspective.
Vol 3. Logic: an Orthodox Christian approach.
Vol 4. Theology: An Orthodox Standpoint.
Vol 5. Philosophy: An Orthodox Christian Understanding.
2) A Commentary on the Revelation of John the Divine.
3) Interpretation of the Gospel Law, and, Our Duties to God and Christ. b) A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews. Two vols. in one.
4) Divine and Sacred Catechism.
5) The Foundation of Philosophy.
6) The Bible and the World, An interpretation of the first three chapters of Genesis in extenso and from a philosophical point of view, and, Triluminal Science, Surveying the Universe and Explaining Everything (1 vol).
7) Interpretation of the Entire New Testament (except the Book of Revelation). 2 vols.
8) An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation.
9) The Paramount Doctrine of Orthodoxy (3 books in one vol).
10) Commentary on the Psalms of David and the Nine Odes.
11) Kyriakodromion, or Sunday Sermonary, and Festal Sermons. (A collection of sermons on the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and the epistles appointed to be read in Orthodox Christian Churches every Sunday from Easter to Palm Sunday).
12) All in one volume:
I. Three Great Friday Sermons;
II. Three Sermons on the Death on the Cross and the Glorious Resurrection;
III. The Ascension into Heaven;
IV. Christ, Announcing His Nature;
V. All the Parables of the Gospel;
VI. The Truth in Christianity;
VII. Testimonies Concerning the Super Holy Virgin.
13) Freemasonry Known by Masonic Diploma.
14) Papal Primacy and Innovations of Roman Catholic Church.
15) Scriptural Refutations of Pope’s Primacy, and, Misc. Studies and Speeches.
16) Memoir on the Nature of the Church of Christ.
17) The Two Contrariant Schools, and, Concerning the Establishment of a Christian University.
18) An Orthodox-Protestant Debate.
19) A Revelation of Treasure Hid, Together with Three Important Lectures: I. Concerning Freedom – II. Concerning the Motherland. – III. Concerning Justice and Apostolical Canons Respecting Baptism.
20) Proofs of the Authenticity of the Septuagint.
21) God’s Law and Commandments, the Decalogue and the Gospel.
22) The Repose of Our Most Holy and Glorious Lady the Theotokos.
23) The City of Zion, or The Church Built Upon the Rock.
24) Philosophical Discussions.
25) The Real Truth Concerning Apostolos Makrakis.
26) The RUDDER or PEDALION, of the Metaphorical Ship of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Orthodox Christians (All the Sacred and Divine Canons). (Editor).
27) The Trial of Jesus Christ (by Abba Aristarchus).
28) The Idea of Being.
29) The Roman Rite in Orthodoxy.
30) Spiritual Discourses for the Orthodox Christians.
31) The Orthodox Doctrine on Development and Advancement, and, Perfection of the Human Nature of our Lord Jesus Christ.
32) The Orthodox Definition of Political Science.
33) Appraisals of the Works of Apostolos Makrakis by Eminent Authorities. 300 pp.
34) Orthodox Christian Meditations.
35) Hellenism and the Unfinished Revolution: Twenty Addresses Delivered in Concord Square, Athens, Greece in 1866.
36) Homily on the Eight Beatitudes, or The Sermon on the Mountain: A Summary Teaching Delivered by Apostolos Makrakis in the Island of Leukas, Greece, on August 29, 1886, During his Second Gospel-Tour.
37) The Truth in Christianity: The One True Doctrine and The Many False Ones.