The Completion of Unfinished Work of 1821

I could foresee the impending fall and disintegration of the Turkish Ottoman Empire since 1866. This accounts for my decision to come to Athens. I came to awaken those who were asleep and to proclaim how our country, by preparing and consolidating itself, could best and most quickly bring to completion the unfinished and imperfect accomplishment of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Twenty addresses on this subject were delivered in Concord Square of Athens, Greece. These addresses attracted the attention of large crowds of citizens who listened and applauded with delight and enthusiasm.

It was at this time that the periodical Dikaiosyne (Justice) first came out with the purpose of putting into print the message of these public speeches. Other discourses and articles related to the same subject were later included in this publication. I consider the republication and distribution of these orations both timely and beneficial today, because they can help us understand the presuppositions under which we will be enabled to complete the revolutionary work of our fathers, and thus avoid failure that would result from thinking and acting irrationally and foolishly.

My work of twenty years, which produced the New Philosophical and Educational System for the enlightenment and education (paedeia) of our nation, was designed to attain this objective, and, to this day, it remains geared to the fulfillment of this end. Unfortunately, however, Turkism employs a large number of our own people who consciously or unconsciously labor for its preservation. The most notable inadvertent allies of Turkism are the political leaders who are ignorant of our national politics and tradition, and who conduct the affairs of our country badly, especially in the area of education and religion. Would that both they and the people sober up and become sensible, as a result of their unhappy experiences! If only they would understand the consolidation and preparation of our country in accordance with Right Reason (Logos) and thus bring to completion – in the quickest and best manner possible – the unfinished and imperfect work of the Greek Revolution of 1821! Amen!

Apostolos Makrakis, Athens, Greece, 1898.

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