A Scriptural Refutation of the Pope’s Primacy

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This refutation by the Greek author Apostolos Makrakis on the Pope’s claim to Papal Primacy/Supremacy was written in a series of many articles published in the Athens newspaper entitled “The Logos” in the 1870s, and is translated here into English. Makrakis composed this logical disproof of the Papal claim to supremacy and infallibility in the Church as a whole. Makrakis uses key scriptures, dogmas from the Seven Ecumenical Councils and the 1583 ‘Sigillion’ by Patriarch Jeremiah to refute a series of provoking articles in another Greek-language newspaper called the “Orient.” These articles were produced and published by missionary group of missionary Catholics in Hermopolis, Syria for the purposes of spreading Roman Catholicism in that part of the world.”