Appraisal By Orthodox Priests

“By divine providence Makrakis emerged and worked during the first years of our national emancipation from Turkish domination. Thanks to his fiery preachings he shut the mouths of the various heretical and corrupting demons which rushed in from the West and he laid down the spiritual foundations for the renewal of the great Greek-Orthodox Byzantine form of government established in the conformity to the will of God” Very Rev. Archimandrite Chrysostom Moustakas, Athens, Greece

“Thanks to Makrakis’s translated works many Americans have been converted to Orthodoxy. Makrakis is indeed the pride of Greek orthodoxy. (…) At the time of the death of Makrakis, the whole Greek nation was in mourning” – Very Rev. Archimandrite Chrysostom Moustakas, Athens, Greece

“May the spirit of Apostolos Makrakis live again! Men like Makrakis, bright meteors in the Orthodox Church, are not born every day. But the spirit with which he worked must be revived in our times. (…) He preached in the squares and streets. He unfurled the banner of truth and began to do battle. He constantly desired the triumph of Orthodoxy over ever error and heresy and the regeneration of the Greek nation through the piety of the Fathers. His program was the program of Jesus: love of truth, of virtue, of whatever is good and benign, and hatred of falsehood and vice and of everything that is base and evil. His sermons fell upon the guilty like cat-o’-nine-tails. He exempted no one from censure. Any of the beloved readers who wish to cultivate the fighting spirit, which is so much needed by the Christians of today in order to overcome the raging Antichrist (1 John 4:1-3), should study the works of Makrakis. They may rest assured that such study will inflame their hearts and strengthen their faith, and above all, they will no longer look with indifference upon the wretched condition of our Church today, but will join the fight to purge the Church.” – Very Rev. Archimandrite Augustine Kaniotis, Itinerary Preacher of the Archdiocese of Athens, Greece.

“The fiery missionary, Apostolos Makrakis, was the first to understand the danger which the Masons caused for the church and which imperils her today with their insolent provocation. He exposed their dark and treacherous system with his frequent preaching in Patras, as well as by means of three special treatises which he wrote. He combatted the Masons, as no one else had done, with danger to his own life. But, unfortunately, he was not heeded.” – Very Rev. Archimandrite Ch. Bardakos, Athens, Greece.

“What an amazing mind! How unfortunate that more Westerners do not get to know him” – Rev. Orest Kulick, Ukranian Orthodox Church

“Apostolos Makrakis is worthy of all honor and esteem for the fight against all kinds of heresies” – Rev. John A. Prassas, D.D., Athens Greece

“I have found the books by Apostolos Makrakis most enlightening in defining the truths of the Orthodox Faith” – Rev. Michael Hanas, Carpatho-Russian Greek Catholic Orthodox Church

“The works of the great Educator Makrakis must be brought to the attention of all – Orthodox and laity . . . Roman and Protestant. Truth is self-evident in his writings and cannot be denied. If one is to return to the ‘Church’ one must return to the Truth. Apostolos Makrakis has contributed more to the revelation of Christian Truth as it is in reality than any single person of this age! His writings are simple and forthright – even the young would understand what is being said and taught. Yet, ever the greatest of minds today will find depths so great a lifetime of reading would never close the doors to further study. (…) In each age there are always some who have been appointed to the task of bringing the fold back to God. Apostolos Makrakis was the forerunner to this age. He was the ‘John the Baptist’ of his day. And others will come to repeat the adage that all must come to Christ in truth, and not by divergence, if they are to see God!” – Rev. A.T. Foulger-Edington, O.S.J., M. TH., D. LITT. Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada, New Westminster, B.C, Canada.

“Let the world condemn Makrakis! Let them desecrate his memory! Let his writings be questioned and frowned upon, even in this day and age. Vilification does not alter the truth found in his works. Again: if his works were not filled with the true Spirit of God then why fight them? We only fear that which makes us see ourselves for what we are – hypocrites and sinners. (…) No dear friend in Christ, Apostolos Makrakis may not be fully understood by most but he did throw his whole life into the pursuit of God. His every wish was to see Him in truth. Controversial he may be; but we cannot deny! But can we condemn him because his only way was Christ’s way? Were I as strong willed aslo give up ‘self’ to the finding of eternal happiness in Christ. Alas, I am so obviously human: whilst Makrakis was walking the road to God, scattering seeds of growth each step of the way for those who came behind. ” – – Rev. A.T. Foulger-Edington, O.S.J., M. TH., D. LITT. Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada, New Westminster, B.C, Canada.

“Masonry has poisoned many of our Orthodox believers and pastors and the influence of this ugly antichrist anti-Christian religion can be seen controlling many of the faithful. May this book (Freemasonry Known by the Masonic Diploma), reach these people and help bring them back to the Church of Christ, the Eastern Orthodox Church – Rev. George A. Glaky, Missionary, Russian Orthodox Church

“The Orthodox Church condemns Masonry. You are doing her work by warning the Orthodox faithful of this terrible disease which afflicts many people who call themselves Christians – Rev. Daniel Donovan, Old Forge, Pennsylvania

“The life and works of the profound Greek philosopher and theologian, Apostolos Makrakis, have aided countless enlightened men and women to find peace and inspiration in Orthodox Christian beliefs” – Rev. Constantine J. Kazanas, New York, New York.

“Truly the works of the wise Makrakis are a source of inspiration and guidance for every Orthodox who desires to know Christ and to unite with Him. For us who thus far have no book in the English, these writings will come to fill the void with their wisdom and teaching, because they are the most perfect.” – Rev. E. Angelides, Pastor, St. Nicholas Church, St. Louis, Missouri.