The Three Kinds of Luminaries

After the manner of the three lights of triluminal science there exist also three kinds of luminaries, namely, physical luminaries made of physical light, moral luminaries radiating moral light through speech and voice, and metaphysical luminaries formed of the eternal metaphysical light and of the supreme metaphysical Luminary, out of whom springs the eternal and ever-thinking and ever-living metaphysical light. All men see and know the physical luminaries, namely, the sun of day, the moon and the stars of night. But the moral luminaries are seen only by those who hear from their mouths the word of God, the word of truth and who are enlightened by them to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, what is beneficial and what is harmful, and the like. The metaphysical luminaries, on the other hand, are seen only by those who are reduced, or enabled to ascend, from the physical world to the metaphysical, and particularly to the cause. of all lights and worlds, God, who in the beginning created the heaven and the earth.

Triluminal science, by means of the physical and moral luminaries, mounts to knowledge of the metaphysical luminaries, and particularly to knowledge of the supreme metaphysical Luminary and first cause of all the lights and luminaries and worlds, whom people usually call God. “God is light, and darkness in him is none.” A self-knowing and all-knowing light that excludes all ignorance of all kinds. A self-knowing and all-knowing light is also called a Mind, which cognizes itself and all things outside of it. A Mind that is perfect and cognizes itself perfectly naturally begets the perfect Idea of itself, that is, the image or representation of itself, which, for this reason, is called an only-begotten Son, because He alone is eternally and continuously being begotten out of the essence of God, having all the perfection of the Father who begets Him, all His self-knowledge and all His knowledge of things else. He is further called and known as the Logos, or Discourse (or, as ignorantly translated in the usual English versions of the New Testament, the “Word”), because He utters and declares the Father who begets Him, because Father and Son both are of the same essence and nature, a brilliant, radiant essence, self-knowing and all-knowing and exclusive of all ignorance whatsoever. Hence it may be said that the first and uncaused and unbegotten metaphysical Luminary begets a Luminary equal and precisely correspondent to Himself and in no respect differing from Himself, and emits to Him self­-knowing and all-knowing Light, and with Him associates and lives and feels the gladness of exhilaration through mutual contemplation and comprehension and love. Triluminal science, indeed, beholds a triluminal and perfect God distinguished into Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or, into Mind, Logos, and Spirit, and according to the same essence of metaphysical light again unified, a God who eternally is and who eternally is the same, self-sufficient and want­less, and in lack of nothing to enable Him to be and live and think and will and exercise power and act and achieve and rule and behave well and rejoice and feel the joy of exhilaration eternally, i.e., without beginning and without end and regardless of time and space and all other limitations dependent thereon. By beholding this one and only true God it beholds also the universe, or, in other words, all the beings that have been created by Him in time, and explains everything logically and scientifically. It considers the creation of the heaven and the earth as it is recounted in the book of Genesis, and the purpose or final reason of all creation, when discovered by it, enables it to explain all the occurrences that take place or are to take place in the world. In sum, nothing can escape its sight, for it is illumined and enlightened by all three lights of the luminaries, and par excellence is enlightened by the supreme Luminary, who is also the cause of all the lights and luminaries and worlds. But as for the science that now exists in the so-called universities, what does it see and what can it explain? It sees only matter and material force, and boasts that it cannot see the metaphysical light of consciousness nor the moral light of the Holy Scriptures nor the great dawning Sun of righteousness and cause of moral day, nor even self-luminous and light-making God, who in the beginning created the heaven and the earth, the world of angels and the world of men. This boasting,however, is blindness, and its explanation is a denial of all truth, a denial of light and a supplanting of it with darkness. But a science that boasts about the blindness and sightlessness it is a victim of, should be called a blind science, promising a true knowledge and enlightenment as to real beings but imparting only its own blindness and sightlessness and want of learning and lack of science as regards every real being. Those consequently who partake of its blindness, moving and living contrary to nature as they do, contrary, that is to say, to the laws of the good Creator, inevitably are plunged over a precipice into perdition, while inflicting and suffering many evils. But the chief and first victims of the blindness of pseudo-science are the very men that profess it and teach it as professors thereof, and they impart this blindness to their students and pupils, who, after being graduated, by right and virtue of the university diploma they have been given, become governors and rulers and guides of society, and blindly lead the blind, and along with them behaving ill and making themselves unhappy, and being unable to escape from the evils they are suffering under because they are ignorant of the cause to which they are due. It is only right therefore that the so-called universities should be called perversities and obfuscatories, and be denounced as centers of moral darkness and principal factors in the obfuscation and blinding and unhappiness of the men who support them. And it is the duty of those who are denounced as obfuscators, as plagues and pests of society, which supports and maintains them, to render an account of themselves, and to prove the accusation to be groundless and false by proving that they are luminaries and benefactors of society in consequence of or owing to the scientific lights they understand and disseminate. But they are wholly incapable of performing any such duty as is imposed upon them by the law of righteousness. For are they to prove that they are luminaries who deny the metaphysical light of human consciousness, and take the metaphysical darkness of ignorance for light? How are they to prove that they are luminaries who deny the moral light of faith in God, who deny the Sun of moral day, and who are ignorant of the cause of moral darkness and of moral night? How are they to prove that they are luminaries who are ignorant of and deny the very existence of the beginningless and uncaused Luminary of luminaries and of lights, and who are returning to the idolatry and the worship of all things as practiced by the ancients? How are they to prove that they are benefactors of their fellow men who are workers of darkening, of blinding, and of the unhappiness of many men besides themselves, and particularly of those who rule and govern society, blind men leading the blind and all falling into the ditch of perdition? But because it is naturally impossible to prove the accusation to be groundless and false that has been laid at their doors and in which they have been denounced to the public, for this reason they either keep silent, as do the more prudent amongst them, or they protest that they are being insulted by a savage religious fanaticism, as does Diomedes Kyriakos, professor of theology in the University of Athens. They call an insult the censure that is to their benefit as well as to the benefit of society at large. They call the logical and scientific proofs of triluminal science a savage religious fanaticism, being unwilling to accept the light instead of the darkness that obfuscates and blinds them, unwilling to accept our ancestral science and home-grown science instead of the blind and false which they carried hither from the obfuscatories and perversities of Germany, preferring for themselves the evils of moral darkness to the blessings of light. But just because these few men have loved darkness more than light, and because they prefer evils to blessings, their own destruction to their salvation, is it thinkable that all the nation must perforce be lost along with them, or that it should suffer involuntarily and unwittingly the ruinous influence they exercise to its great misfortune? Nobody, of course, that is sober and of sound mind would want such a thing, and for this reason it is that this modern triluminal science has dawned upon the horizon of modern Greece censuring and exposing false science and abolishing the evils due thereto, that the blessings which flow from the luminaries and lights may be copiously allowed to inundate the country, and particularly those which are due to the beginningless Luminary and Creator of the luminaries and lights, from whom is every good portion and every perfect gift, and to whom be the glory and the power for ever and ever.

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