The Ascent and the Descent

Triluminal science ascends from earth into heaven, and out of heaven descends to earth. While thus ascending and descending it inspects, or intuits, as philosophical language is wont to put it, the universe, or entire world, visible as well as invisible, and contemplates and considers and explains all that has ever occurred or is occurring or ever will occur in the said universe. Upon ascending from earth into heaven it beholds and contemplates the one God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, eternally existent and eternally the same, eternally living a blissful and imperishable and immortal life, eternally cognizing Himself and whatever outside of Himself can possible become anything and be and coexist with Him for ever and live and feel the gladness of exhilaration with Him. In cognizing everything external that can possible become anything and be what it can become, the perfect Mind is also aware at the same time that It possesses the power and the wisdom to create whatever It wishes, and It wishes, in accordance with the goodness It possesses, to create many other gods like Itself and to reign over them as a father reigns over the children he has begotten. He commences work with the entifi­cation of the essence of matter in its three forms, namely, the earthy, the watery, and the fiery. The essence of matter, when it comes out of non-being into being, is ignorant of its own existence and of Him who has substantified it, or caused it to subsist as a substance. This ignorance is called metaphysical darkness, and is a natural property of non-being and of all the essence of matter. This metaphysical darkness is opposed to metaphysical light, which is possessed of perfect self-knowledge and of perfect knowledge of all things else and which precludes all ignorance. From the coexistence of metaphysical light with metaphysical darkness there comes to be a metaphysical day and night, to be counted as one day, beginningless and endless, and called ETERNITY. God, being eternally existent and eternally the same, always has day and never night, because He does not pass out of perfect self-knowledge and perfect knowledge of all things else into any ignorance whatever. But that which does not exist but could exist always has night, because it cannot pass over to any knowledge whatever. Hence, in contrast with the eternal day of God there exists also the eternal night of ignorance on the part of non-being. The eternally existant God, however, who cognizes non-being, also has the power of causing it to come into being, and, commencing this entificative process, He produces time, or the age of entification, during which all the essence of matter received its existence. The essence of matter possesses. the ignorance of non-being, and can know nothing. Yet the all-knowing God can transport any material unit out of ignorance into knowledge of its own existence and of the existence of its Creator. By applying this possibility in practice, He creates spirits, or super­sensible intelligent beings, otherwise known as angels, being im­material substances, the arrangement and offices of whom form the metaphysical world of angels, over whom the only-begotten Son and Logos of God, through whom all things were made, was set as their natural prince and ruler. The spirits of this metaphysical world, having been made out of the essence of matter possess the ignorance of matter as a natural property, with which has been mixed the knowledge which each and every spirit received from the Spirit of God in accordance with the standard of wisdom and of the purpose for which it became a spirit and a partaker of the knowledge of the Spirit. They know that they have received existence in time from the eternally existent God, with whom they are associated and related in the relation of servant and master or of subject and ruler, but they are ignorant of the perfection of the essence of God, His recondite designs, and the purpose of the creation so far effected of matter and of the multitude of immaterial spirits. They are called immaterial because they were exalted above the essence of matter when they received the attribute of the essence of the Spirit, that is, knowledge, which they had not beforehand had. But every spirit necessarily knows the law of its own will and activity, or the duties of submission and of obedience to the higher spirits and to the prince of all the angelic world, the Son and Logos of God. In observing these duties they rejoice and live together with the everliving God, praising and glorifying His praiseworthy and lovable holiness, and feeling grateful for the blessings of knowledge and of life and of consciousness of their own existence, blessings which they have received from Him. Nevertheless, the observance of duty is subject or liable to the transgression of it as a contingency and possibility that may occur. For, because of the natural ignorance which all spirits have, mixed with their limited knowledge, they are unable to discern their own interest as it is known to God, who created them and whose free will always wills and acts in accordance with the best interests of all creation and of each and every part thereof. For this reason all spirits, higher as well as lower, are morally obliged to have their own will identical with that of their creator in the consciousness that this is to the advantage of all together and of each separately. But if one or more spirits should become unfaithful to their Creator and think that they are being wronged or that it is not to their advantage to remain faithful and; obedient to His word and law, they cease observing their duties, rebel against the lawful head of their government and become unfaithful, and thus they disturb the order and operation of the whole world to which they belong. Such a possible and contingent transgression actually occurred in the angelic world, one archangel together with the angels ruled by him having refused submission and obedience to the prince and ruler of the whole world, the Son and Logos of God. This archangel who thus apostatized was named Satan, having become the originator and leader of moral evil, or, in other words, of disobedience, blasphemy, and insolence to God. Until the apostasy of Satan and of the angels under him the earth was invisible and void, and darkness prevailed upon the face of the deep, and a spirit of God moved upon the face of the water, just as the book of Genesis tells us. But after the apostasy the wise Creator proceeded to create the material world round us, beginning with the making of physical light and the creating of physical day and night. Having completed this new world in six days, as is related in the same book of Genesis, He lastly revealed the final purpose for which all creation as a whole and every created thing as a part thereof is intended when He said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heaven,. and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. And God created man; in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heaven, and over all the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

Triluminal science has thus descended from heaven to earth, after contemplating the one perfect God in three persons, the age of the entification of the essence of matter, and the age of the creation of the angelic world of the angels created out of matter, in which world Satan was born, the originator of moral evil and of moral darkness. And having descended from heaven to earth, it contemplates and considers the evolution of the human world and of human affairs, as it is exhibited by the moral light of the Holy Scriptures, the trustworthy word of God, and the metaphysical light of consciousness and of science according to right reason. But to this trustworthy testimony of the two lights (i.e., the metaphysical enlightening souls from within, and the moral enlightening them from without) is opposed the lying of moral darkness, the sophistry and illogicality of science falsely so called, which easily convinces fools and dunces and prevails wherever the voice and illumination of triluminal science are absent. But wherever the latter makes its appearance, its adversary flees and disappears, just as the physical darkness of night disappears wherever the great luminary of physical day rises into view. Here in the midst of Athens, behold, the voice of triluminal science reproaches the so-called university as a perversity and obfuscatory, and proves it to be the center of moral darkness and a chief factor of the nation’s adversity and unhappiness. where are the wise scientists and their scientific lights, to refute the reproach that dishonors them, and to disprove the accusation in which they are denounced as blind tools of moral darkness and as having blinded and obfuscated many others? They have vanished, they have hidden themselves, for fear of triluminal science, by which their lights are proved to be darkness and not light.

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