Triluminal Science: Surveying the Universe and Explaining Everything

TRILUMINAL SCIENCE is the name of that science which is illumined by three lights, whereby it surveys the universe, and explains everything in a logical and scientific manner.

Now what are these three lights by which our modern triluminal science is illumined and sees? The first of these three lights is called physical light and is that by which the eyes of the body are illumined and see other bodies and whatever occurs in time and space. The second is called metaphysical light and is that by which our souls are illumined inwardly and become conscious of their own existence, and see whatever occurs in them, viz., thoughts, feelings, and desires. The third is called moral and rational light and is that by which the ignorant learn from the knowing through the channel of oral or written speech whatever they do not know themselves.

To these three kinds of light correspond three different dark­nesses, viz., physical, metaphysical, and moral darkness. Physical darkness is connected with physical light, and makes day and night. In like manner metaphysical darkness is connected with metaphysical light, and makes metaphysical day and night. And moral darkness is connected with moral light, making moral day and night. All people, old and young, are well acquainted with physical day and night, but people in general are ignorant of the other two days, the metaphysical and the moral, and, in order to get an idea and knowledge of them, need to have them described and explained. Wherefore let us first ask what metaphysical day and night are.

The constituents of metaphysical day and night are metaphysical light and darkness. But what is metaphysical light, and what is metaphysical darkness? Metaphysical light is full and complete knowledge which excludes all ignorance. Metaphysical darkness, on the other hand, is complete ignorance which altogether excludes knowledge. God having all knowledge and no ignorance of anything, is metaphysical light. For this reason, in fact, the first divine of the Church, framed the definition of God thus: “God is light, and darkness in him there is none” The substance, or essence, of matter, on the other hand, and non-being, as having complete ignorance and no knowledge, are metaphysical darkness. Metaphysical day and night arise as a result of the blending and inter-play of metaphysical light with metaphysical darkness. As for how this blending and interplay comes about, we have the following to note.

The soul of a man, as long as it is situated in the semen of a man, is completely ignorant and knows nothing at all, and is, so to speak, metaphysical darkness. It passes out of this metaphysical darkness into metaphysical light when at any time it receives consciousness of its own existence and gains knowledge thereof. This takes place after it has been sown in the womb of a woman and is born nine months later joined to an infantile body that grows when nourished with milk and other food. Three or four years usually pass before it receives any consciousness of its own existence; and this consciousness, though dim at first, grows in the course of time clearer and plainer. It is in the souls of men, therefore, that the meeting and blending of metaphysical light with metaphysical darkness takes place, and thereby is formed metaphysical night as distinguished from metaphysical day, just as physical night is distinguished from physical day. God, being perfect light without darkness, self-knowing and all-knowing, always enjoys day, and never is enveloped in darkness. For He does not pass out of light into darkness, or out of perfect knowledge into any ignorance whatever. But the souls of men pass out of the darkness of total ignorance into the minimum light of consciousness and of minimum knowledge, and again at the time of sleep they relapse into the darkness of total ignorance, whereof again they are freed when they awake from sleep. Therefore it is plain that the souls of men are subject to metaphysical night, and have an infinite yearning to pass over into the perfect light of the metaphysical day of God. This infinite yearning is called philomathy, or curiosity to learn things. The souls of men naturally wish to learn whatever they are ignorant of; they desire, indeed, to learn as much as God knows, and to crossover, so to speak, from the ignorance that envelops them to the full light of the eternal day of God. Souls that are inclined to learn can learn what they are ignorant of from those who know, through speech and teaching. The knowledge imparted by speech and teaching is called moral

light, provided it is true. If it be false, it is called moral darkness. Moral light and moral darkness and falsehood, constitute moral day and night. In the light of moral day live those souls which are taught by God, whose every word is truth. In the darkness of moral night live those souls which disbelieve the true word of God and believe the contrary word of falsehood, the father and progenitor of which is the Devil. Souls that live in the light of moral day behave well and are happy, and with the guidance of moral light they go their way to the eternal light of the metaphysical God. Souls, on the other hand, that live in the darkness of moral night behave badly and are unhappy, and they go their way like blind men to the darkness of metaphysical night and of eternal agony and misery.

Triluminal science, then, is acquainted with these three kinds of light, by which it is illumined and becomes acquainted also with the three corresponding kinds of darkness, as well as the three kinds of day and night, which are formed of the three kind of light and darkness. Knowing all these things and being flooded with the three kinds of light, it surveys the universe soundly and explains everything in a logical and scientific manner, since it is true science and the only true science. Just as darkness of a corresponding kind is opposed to each kind of light, so to triluminal modern Greek science there corresponds and is opposed a tritenebral pseudo-science that calls darkness light, and light darkness, and by means of para­logisms and fallacies convinces babes and fools. Triluminal science is the chief factor of sound sight, of good behavior, and of men’s happiness. Tritenebral pseudo-science, on the other hand, is the chief factor of obfuscation, of blinding, and of men’s unhappiness. It is because today tritenebral pseudo-science is regarded and hon­ored as true science, and through universities so called, though in reality perversities, wherein it holds forth, is sheds darkness and blindness over all the societies of men, all the nations of the earth are ill-behaved and unhappy, going their way in darkness and without knowing whence they have come or whither they are going. This modern triluminal science therefore rises out of modern Greece to refute pseudo-science and to abolish all the evils the latter gives birth to. The lights of the three days naturally destroy and remove the evils of the three nights. Awake, therefore, you who are slumbering and sleeping in the darkness of night and enlighten yourselves with the three lights of the modern true science, that you may dis­cern whence you have come and whither you are going.

Hail, O modern Greece, and rejoice that the modern triluminal science hath risen out of thee, for it knoweth how to rid thee of the evils that beset thee, and how to enrich thee with all the good things thou art at present lacking. Rejoice, O modem Greece, that thy modern scientific glory exceedeth the glory of ancient Greece as much as the glory of the sun exceedeth the glory of a night lamp.

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