The Dawn of New Ideas and Principles as a Result of Triluminal Science

As a result of triluminal science new ideas and new knowledge are dawning upon the horizon of modern Greece, enlightening and guiding the whole Greek nation to free itself from the evils it is now suffering from and to obtain many blessings it now lacks. These are:

  1. The idea of the three lights, namely, the physical, the metaphysical, and the moral light; and the opposite idea of the three kinds of darkness, each of which corresponds to the opposite kind of light.
  2. The idea of the three days and nights, namely, the idea of physical day and night, the idea of metaphysical day and night, and the idea of moral day and night, each of which consists of the light corresponding thereto together with the opposite kind of darkness.
  3. The idea of the three kinds of luminaries, namely, phys­ical, metaphysical, and moral luminaries; and the idea of the first and highest metaphysical Luminary and cause of all lights and lumi­naries.
  4. The idea of the three kinds of sleep and of wakefulness, namely, physical, moral, and metaphysical, among which the meta­physical is first in the order of precedence, and is followed by the physical, and then comes the moral.

These new ideas and this new knowledge, which have been unknown to the previous generations of every nation and down to the present day, are now for the first time dawning upon the horizon of modern Greece and resulting from triluminal science; they are able to dissipate the deep darkness of moral night which has hitherto prevailed as a result of ignorance of them, and to guide the unde­servedly-suffering nation into the way of a new, happy ,and glorious life. Now let us first consider the advantages, or the benefit and usefulness, of the primary ideas, namely, that of metaphysical light and of metaphysical darkness, the opposite thereof. To assure our­selves of giving this matter due consideration, let us first take the definitions of metaphysical light and of metaphysical darkness, by asking what metaphysical light is and what metaphysical darkness is.

Metaphysical light is that which possesses perfect self-knowledge and omniscience excluding all ignorance. Metaphysical darkness, on the other hand, is complete ignorance excluding all knowledge. Metaphysical light issues from the first and highest metaphysical Luminary and cause of all lights and luminaries, He alone being uncaused. This first and uncaused and self-existent metaphysical Luminary is also called a Mind. Now a perfect self-knowing and all-knowing Mind, cognizing itself, naturally begets the Idea and exact representation of Itself, or, in other words, the homoousian Son and Logos, who pictures forth and represents exactly the whole perfect Mind of whom He is begotten, possessing all His perfection, self-knowledge and omniscience exclusive of all ignorance. In begetting the perfect Logos, His exact image and representation, the perfect Mind emits to Him at the same time the perfect Spirit of mutual contemplation and comprehension and love, and They feel glad and rejoice together in perfect joy that is endless and change­less; and this love is life everlasting and immortal. In this manner triluminal science, starting from the definition and the true Idea of metaphysical light ascends, and enables him who follows it to as­cend, to Its natural source and cause, to the first and supreme and uncaused metaphysical Luminary, to the perfect and supreme Mind, the Father of the Logos, and the perpetual source of the Holy Spirit, to the one God in three homoousian persons, who created the heaven and the earth in the beginning, He Himself being the eternal origin and cause of all facts, that is, of all things that have ever become what they are or ever became what they were though no longer existent, or, in other words, of all beings and occurrences that have ever been actually realized, from the beginning up to the present time. The true idea of metaphysical light leads to the equally true idea of the one and only true God, refutes all the false ideas concerning God that have been prevalent, affirming and con­firming as true only the idea contained in the confession of faith which has been the faith of the whole Greek nation up to this day. The God of triluminal science is identical with the God in whom nearly all the Greek nation has believed down to the present day though unfortunately with a dead and fruitless faith and not, as should have been the case, with live, active, and beneficial faith. The natural consequence of the deadening of faith is the deadening or depleting of that enterprising power without which the nation be­comes an object to be trodden down and reproached by other peoples and nations, and in consequence being wronged, insulted, and dis­honored, and not being able to receive justice and retribution from those wronging it.

But what is the cause of this deadening and of the evils resulting therefrom? Science falsely so called, which is honored as true and which bedims the truth of the dogmas of faith by means of fallacies and illogicalities that corrupt the rationality of young; people im­bued with the love of learning and turning them into enemies and foes of their ancestral faith. This is the cause and the chief factor of the demoralization and deadening of the nation; and it is against this that triluminal science aims fiery arrows of truth and will con­tinue doing so until it has killed science falsely so called and has revived the dead faith of the nation, and has strengthened and lifted it up so as to enable it to engage in and achieve every good and bene­ficial and glorious work and to extirpate and exterminate the crimes and ruinous felonies now being committed. Herein is to be seen the chief and most conspicuous benefit of the new ideas and prin­ciples, which, of course, will be followed by many other still greater ones, with which, however, we are not concerned to deal in the pre­sent article. In the present article it is our duty to point out also the great benefit to be derived from the contrary idea of metaphys­ical darkness.

Metaphysical darkness is defined as complete ignorance exclud­ing all knowledge, and is predicted of every essence that is ignorant of its own existence. But all essence of matter is ignorant of its own existence, and is simply metaphysical darkness. False and deceitful science calls this metaphysical darkness light, and thinks it the cause of knowledge and the principle of the science it pretends to be. Wherefore it boasts that it beholds and knows only matter and material force, and does not see the metaphysical Lights who is the cause of all knowledge and science, nor the uncaused metaphysical Luminary who is the source of the metaphysical Light and Father of the Logos, through whom all things were made. It boasts, there­fore, of the blindness it is suffering from and of the folly it displays in thinking the darkness light and the light darkness. False science, therefore, which is honored as true, is caught by means of the defi­nition and the idea of metaphysical darkness and is stripped of the false glory with which it has been clothed, and its shameful and dishonorable nature is exposed, and its blinding and man-slaying work is abolished. This is the first and great benefit that derives from the new idea and the definition of metaphysical darkness. And another still greater benefit follows in its wake, which we may state as follows.

Metaphysical darkness is predicted of every essence that is ignorant of its own existence. But men’s souls also, before they are born and for some time after they are born, are quite ignorant of their own existence, and one of their natural properties is meta­physical darkness, that is, complete ignorance excluding all know­ledge. They pass out of ignorance into knowledge at the will and by the action of metaphysical light, which possesses all knowledge and from which they at first receive a dim consciousness of their own existence, and perception of other beings near them; and from the voice and speech of the parents they learn what they are naturally ignorant of, and they learn this according to the degree and quality of the knowledge of the parents speaking and teaching what they learn. This true knowledge concerning the human soul is called self-knowledge, because by means thereof the soul discerns and knows itself, discerns and knows its own original worth and nature, and discerns and knows the fact that it used to be metaphysical darkness, and that the consciousness it has received and possesses concerning its own existence is a first gift of the grace of God; and it ought to be grateful to God, its benefactor, in order to make itself worthy of still greater benefaction. From this true self-knowledge it directly and quickly passes to true knowledge of God, acquiring a true idea and knowledge of God. For, when it possesses the consciousness and knowledge concerning itself that it used to be metaphysical darkness and that the light of consciousness it now possesses is a gift of the goodness of God, it logically judges that God the light-giver is light, self-knowing and all-knowing light and the efficient cause of all beings in heaven and on earth. Therefore true knowledge of God is connected and co-exists with true self-knowledge. And it is also evident that by means of this bond the soul is connected with God and partakes of God’s virtues, of God’s life, immortality, and bliss. Concisely speaking and in short, such are the great benefits that accrue from the true idea of metaphysical darkness.


  1. This is from Makrakis’s last work “Triluminal Science” published before he died in the year 1905, and somewhat highlights and summarizes and completes some of his philosophical ideas published a few decades earlier. I plan to post a few more chapters from the book in the coming weeks.


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